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Why Does my Basement Flood When it Rains?

Have you ever noticed water pooling or seeping into your basement during or after a rainstorm? Chances are that your home is in need of some repairs in order to keep your lower level from flooding. Let’s explore the reasons why your basement floods when it rains, and some helpful tips for preventing this! Believe […]

Easy Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

Your basement is the area of your home most susceptible to water damage. Are you doing all you can to prevent dampness and flooding? Explore these simple ways to prevent basement flooding and determine which solution(s) will work best for you! Grade Your Land Landscape grades that run towards the home rather than away from […]

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a trench or hole that is filled with rock or gravel and containing a perforated pipe that helps redirect ground/surface water away from an area. These drains can be created or installed anywhere that excessive groundwater collects. What’s so great about this type of drain? It is very easy to DIY! […]

3 Reasons Waterproofing Paint Won’t Fix Your Damp Basement

Nobody likes a damp basement, and people are willing to go to great lengths to avoid and fix them. Out of all the techniques available for fixing this common problem, waterproofing paint may be one of the least effective ideas. Unfortunately, this “fix” can end up causing more damage than it could ever solve. Reason […]

Why You Need a Battery Back-Up for Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are pumps used to remove accumulated water from your home to prevent flooding. The sump pump in your home most likely gets its power electrically and resides on the lowermost level of the house. Although basic sump pumps are successful in what they were intended to do, they sometimes lack the ability to […]

Can Basement Waterproofing be done in the Winter?

Winter weather can affect many home services including basement waterproofing. Some basement waterproofing services are easier to do in the colder months, but there are others which should still wait for when the weather is warmer. How does winter weather affect basement waterproofing? Winter weather affects basement waterproofing in two ways. First, the ground freezes […]

Maryland Rain: How BWT Can Help

Devastating Maryland Rain in the Forecast The rain started late last night on Monday November 28, and isn’t expected to stop until Wednesday the 30th.  This unseasonably warm weather and large storm will be dumping a few inches of rain all across Maryland, especially the Baltimore area. With heavy and constant rain will come basement […]

Is basement waterproofing covered by Insurance?

Okay, we have to break it to you immediately. There’s no easy way to do this. Generally speaking, your basement waterproofing is not insured. However, in rare cases, you can get a claim but the coverage will still be very limited. Basically, damage due to basement water seepage is considered to be a maintenance issue […]

Small Business Saturday

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What is Parging?

Have you ever had seepage affect the walls of your house? Or had a flooded basement? Well, if you are one of the many who are going through it, you would surely know how much it affects the aesthetics of the house, let alone its safety. This is easily one of the worst things that […]

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