Accreditation, Trust & Customer Satisfaction

A new, obscure insurance company to cover your possessions, health, and life.
A stranger you just met at a shady bar to babysit your kids.
An unvetted startup to handle the business deal of your career.

You wouldn’t trust any of these parties with your business, would you?

Then why would anyone downplay the selection of their basement waterproofing or repair contractor? Accreditation, trust, and experience are important to evaluating who you want to handle your basement.

How important? Think about it: with basement work, a bit more is on the line than meets the eye. A small water leak doesn’t look like much now, but–remember the tale of the Holland dam? Damage to other parts of the house could be next, or flooding and mildew damage, killing resale value, adding long-term frustrations, and possibly even contributing structural damage to the levels above.

All of which adds a bit more weight to choosing your basement waterproofer critically, doesn’t it?


Why Choose a Basement Waterproofing Company with BBB Accreditation?

Basement Waterproofing Tech is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It’s a badge of honor that we’re glad to uphold, a testament to our services. Sure it’s an accreditation, but more, it’s a standard of accountability that we are determined to continue to follow.

You can trust the experienced technicians at BWT to handle your basement and foundational work with care and expertise. We’re here to help protect the value of your belongings, minimize the risk of future mishaps, and hopefully even help your flood insurance premiums. When we say, “you can depend on us”, what matters more than any accreditation attained is maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Because that’s what we rely on to get through our day.

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