Benefits of a French Drain

If you have a wet basement, then you need to consider some options to solve your water problems before they worsen. One such solution, which is both efficient and environmentally conscientious, is that of the French drain.

What Is a French Drain?

Did you know that French drains are not from France, but come from the name of Henry French, an entrepreneur from the mid-1800s? He was the first person to promote the idea, in a book published at that time all about farm drainage. A French drain is a popular drainage system, consisting of a trench that slopes downhill and away from your house. This kind of drain is filed with gravel and a pipe, making sure that water is redirected to flow far away from your basement.

How Does a French Drain Work?

In order to prevent water from reaching your basement and damaging your home’s foundation, a French drain will create a channel so that water will flow easily away from your home. The water runs into the gravel-filled trench and into a pipe or piping system at the bottom of the trench, which then will empty itself at a good distance from your home, keeping its foundation dry and intact. When you install a French drain, you can divert water into a drainage ditch, a dry well, or even the street near your home.

French Drain Advantages

There are a number of advantages to choosing a French drain as part of your waterproofing plan for your basement. For example, if you find that rainwater is collecting around your house or in your yard, a French drain is a great option for you to choose where you want the water to go, as long as it’s at a lower level than where the water is falling. Rest assured, though, that wherever you choose, it’ll be far away from your now dry basement.

Additionally, a French drain is actually a very affordable option as a drainage system to keep water away from your home. Make sure you use high-quality drainage materials, so that you can save costs on repairs and replacements to your French drain.

A French drain is such a simple (yet effective) drainage system that it can also be installed quickly and without hassle. A professional company such as Basement Waterproofing Tech will be able to finish the job in just a couple of weeks.

If you are experiencing a water issue with your basement or are concerned you may in the future, don’t worry – contact Basement Waterproofing Tech today to learn more about installing a French drain, as well as other options for your basement waterproofing needs.