Choosing a Reputable Baltimore Waterproofing Contractor

Is it your first time hiring a Baltimore waterproofing company? No worries, there is a first time for everything. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of a few important questions you should ask your waterproofing contractor before you make your hiring decision.

How long have you been in business?

Waterproofing is one of those home improvement areas where experience matters the most. Because there is no formal education or certification for waterproofing contractors, unlike Master Electrician, the only way to judge their expertise is by the years in business. The fact that your waterproofing contractor has been doing this for 15+ years means that he’s dealt with a variety of basement problems and solved most of them successfully.

Has your approach ever failed?

This is a tricky question, since you already know the answer. Unless the company is only a few years old, the chances are good they have messed up at some point in the past. And it’s not a big deal—nobody’s perfect. The answer you are looking for is the honest “yes” and a brief explanation of what went wrong and why it never happened again. This shows that your contractor can admit failure and is able to learn from his mistakes.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Depending on the particular modifications your basement needs to stay dry, a building permit could be required. You want to hire a waterproofing contractor who is aware of the local building codes and is going to perform the work in accordance with the law and best practices. Don’t be afraid to ask for the contractor’s license number or proof of insurance. At the end of the day, it’s about who YOU trust to work in your home.

What kind of repair you propose and why?

Your waterproofing contractor will likely need a visual inspection before he can answer this question. And when he does answer, make sure you understand everything that is proposed and that the contractor’s logic makes sense to you. If a contractor struggles to describe his approach, can’t answer specific follow-up questions or tries to deliberately confuse you with the tech speak, walk away. While you don’t have to understand the process in detail, you should feel comfortable talking to your contractor and know that you will get precise answers if you have any questions down the road.

Can you provide references and/or photos?

For many waterproofing contractors, you should be able to find reviews online. However, if you want to go as far as talking to the reviewer, then you can ask your Baltimore waterproofing company for references. There is nothing like a first-hand testimonial. If calling random strangers is not your cup of tea, go ahead and ask you contractor for photos of completed projects. While it’s not as involved as interior remodeling, basement waterproofing still has its beauty aspects, especially when it comes to the exterior. Look at the provided photos and check the work for clean lines, smooth surfaces and a post-waterproofing cleanup.

When you are shopping for basement waterproofing services, there are many things to take into account. But if you remember to ask these questions, half the job is done. This short questionnaire is enough to weed out any experienced companies, as well as scam artists. And no matter who you choose at the end, we hope you will be enjoying your dry basement for years to come!

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