Choosing the Right Battery Backup Sump Pump

Living below the water table, near a water main notorious for breaking, in a hurricane zone, or next to a creek known for occasional flooding has taken its toll on your basement. You’ve learned the hard way, and have smartly had the professionals install a sump pump in your basement to help prevent potential wet basement problems in the future. You brush your hands together, and trudge upstairs. Then the next storm comes, your neighborhood power goes out, and you’re left with yet another flooded basement.

What now? And how could you have avoided this tragedy?

The answer is also installing a battery backup sump pump to supplement your other sump pump. Powerful storms that can cause floods can also often knock out electric lines to your home. A battery backup pump offsets this risk and helps to ensure a dryer basement.

Where should you start?

There are several shopping criteria for your battery backup sump pump:

  • horsepower,
  • pumping capacity
  • alarms to let you know when the battery is running low and acid needs to be added
  • deep cycle for additional performance
  • ease of maintenance

Installation can be a bit complicated, involving hooking up PVC pipes, wires and sensors, and structuring it parallel to the other sump pump, and testing it out. For best results, contact Basement Waterproofing Technologies and have a pro come and install it for you. We can also give you expert advice for which battery backup sump pump brand and model to suit your needs. Contact us today!