Emergency Battery Backup Systems For Your Basement: Why?

Anybody with a basement in his or her home knows how important it is to keep the basement dry. Basement flooding is a huge problem, but even moisture can build up and creep in to cause mold, mildew and other unpleasant issues. Basement Waterproofing Tech specializes in everything from outdoor waterproofing to proper foundation repair, and that’s not even counting the sump pumps and other systems that keep everything running smoothly.

We know sump pumps are an important aspect of keeping a basement dry. According to this Home Improvement HowStuffWorks article, a sump pump works to keep the water out by removing the water from underneath the foundation of the building. The pump is installed in a sump pit in the lowermost part of the basement and has a discharge pipe to pump the water away from the building and back outside – where it belongs!

But what if your sump pump or some other basement water removal technology fails? What if your power goes out during a storm? What if a summer thunderstorm rolls in with a torrential downpour? Your basement is at its highest risk of collecting moisture or water, or even flooding, if a storm blows the power out and all your waterproofing systems get blown out with it.

That’s where the emergency battery backup comes in. Even if your home’s power is up and running normally, if your sump pump’s battery runs out, your basement’s waterproofing could well be done for without some backup.

Luckily, at Basement Waterproofing Tech, we have extremely reliable backup battery systems that can be installed along with a sump pump, leaving you free of worry in the case of extreme rain or a power outage – or both! The installation of a backup battery system will keep your basement waterproofing structure working smoothly in the case of any emergency.