How Are Maryland Waterproofing Contractors Different?


As you typed “Baltimore waterproofing contractor” into the Google search bar, you probably didn’t expect to see so many companies that could help you with your wet basement problem. But how are they different? They all seem to have nice-looking websites, coupons, blogs and relatively the same information. So what should you look for when deciding which contractor to call for an estimate? We’ve put together this list of key differences between the different basement waterproofing contractors to help you choose wisely.

Fast Response

When you have 5 inches of water in your basement, you need someone to come out and solve the problem fast! Most waterproofing contractors understand this and accommodate their customers. Look on the company’s website for a mention of the 24/7 emergency service or an emergency hotline—either one lets you know that this company takes your problem seriously.

Ease of Communication

Just like with any other home improvement project, you may need to talk to your waterproofing contractor frequently to discuss the details of the project. This is especially important if you are conducting business remotely, such as if you are repairing a home you plan on selling. But even if you live at the job site, you need a contractor who is easy to get in touch with and who can answer your questions without the industry jargon.

Use of the Latest Technology

The waterproofing industry doesn’t stand still. And although there has not yet been a major breakthrough that would revolutionize the entire waterproofing process, there’ve been significant advancements in waterproofing systems and materials. The coatings, moisture barriers, paints, drainage pipes and sump pumps available today are often better and longer-lasting than similar products used a decade ago. While the most cutting edge solution may not be suitable for your specific problem, your waterproofing contractor should at least take it into consideration. But not everyone does that, because some contractors have stuck to the ways they’ve been doing things in the past.

Approach to Waterproofing

You can go to 3 different contractors and get 3 different solutions to your leaky basement problem. They may share the same principles or could be different entirely—but this doesn’t make any of them wrong. The reason you are getting these different solutions is because there are multiple ways you can approach the same problem. Some contractors may be focusing on long-term waterproofing goals, others are offering a budget-friendly fix, and the third guy may simply go after addressing the symptoms instead of the core problem. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to get a few estimates before you decide who to hire.


Experience is important, because only with experience comes the deep understanding of the forces, physics and underlying conditions that lead to moisture problems. When you are asking different contractors about their experience, be sure to discuss their individual experience, as well as how long the company has been around. There is no magic number to look for, so use your best judgment as to which contractor sounds the most qualified to do the job.

And if you have any further questions about waterproofing or leaky basement issues, contact Basement Waterproofing Technologies today.