Maryland Basement Dangers

dangerous basement in need of ventilation and testing

As with every house, a basement is just part of the home. However, unlike the dark, dank, and scary basements we see in movies, basements can be perfectly lovely living accommodations. However, if they are not maintained properly, they can pose certain dangers for anyone living in them.

Whether you live in a basement, are considering getting one renovated, or are just curious about them, the following are some of the basement dangers any homeowner faces:

Testing For Mold

Basements can be hotspots for mold. Bad lighting, poor ventilation, and humidity can be the perfect breeding ground for mold. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of complications for anyone living in these conditions.

Mold is responsible for causing various respiratory issues, inflammation problems in the eyes, difficulty in breathing, triggering asthma attacks, or can even aid in the development of a fungal infection in your lung as well. Whether you’re already moved into an old basement, are considering moving into one, or even renovating one, always get the area tested for mold.

Testing for Gas

While the presence of gases has never been a problem in most rooms, basements can contain radon. The presence of radon can’t be detected normally as it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. However, the gas is not as harmless as it appears and comes with a host of problems, including the birth and growth of cancer cells and impaired lung function, particularly for people with existing breathing problems.

While mold is still visible in some manner or form, there are no visible indications of radon so you’re going to have to get the area tested. Don’t attempt to do this yourself; instead opt to use the services of a qualified professional. Never move into a basement apartment or living arrangement without getting this test done.

Many people have ended up stuck in apartments over-saturated with radon. While radon can be removed, it is a time consuming and tiresome procedure, particularly if you’re already living there.

Proper Exit for Emergencies

While many people pay attention to installing and ensuring proper exits in the rest of the house, they often forget about the basement, which is why they often have very poor or no exits in place in case of an emergency such as a flood or a fire. With no exits, either scenario can cause serious injuries, even resulting in death, since people can easily be trapped and die. A good basement arrangement will have a separate entrance and a separate exit in case of an emergency.

Lack of Ventilation

Ventilation may not factor in the topmost causes of danger in a basement, but it can create a lot of situations where a person can find themselves in trouble. Poor ventilation can create humidity and promote the growth of mold. In the event of a gas leak, poor ventilation can also turn the basement into a gas chamber by allowing the gases to collect. It’s always best to have a basement which has plenty of large windows and has proper vents in place to keep one cool and safe.

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