Patch Job, or Botch Job?

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, make sure the job is done the right way, not the quick-fix, patch up way. Paint, patch ups, and plug ups are invariably short-lived–but not unheard of–ways that some people decide to fix their basement waterproofing problems. They may stop the problem quickly and can be cheaper. The only problem is that they don’t necessarily truly fix the problem, and so can be very temporary solutions that actually aren’t cost effective, nor do they help to save time in the long run.

Painting, plugging, and patching your basement walls may keep the water out for a bit, but hydrostatic water pressure will build up to the point where it just comes in another way–adding to the damage, and leaving a lot of homeowners scratching their heads.

Think of these methods of “pushing” back the water like standing in front of a wave crashing to shore. It may not take you under, but it will break around you. Proper basement waterproofing diverts and manages the water like a dam-blocked stream.

After repairs, Basement Waterproofing Tech can install a waterproofing system or water management system to keep your basement dry both now and for the long run. French drains, exterior draining systems, sump pumps, drainage systems, polymer-based parging, foundational and structural work–all these services and more are at your disposal for a price you can afford.

Tired of floods and water damage to your basement? Contact us today for residential and commercial waterproofing, with proven cutting-edge technology, and start getting dry.