When Should I Replace my Sump Pump?


If you’re a homeowner you may soon begin to find things to replace that you might not have even known needed replacing. A sump pump is one of those commonly overlooked apparatuses that are crucial to home safety and are an integral part of your basement waterproofing system. The sump pump, often found in the basement or crawl space, is a pump that removes water that has accumulated in the sump basin because of rain or natural ground water.

How often should I replace my sump pump and how? The best time to replace your sump pump is before it breaks. If your pump breaks you’ll be left high, and well, not so dry.

The typical lifespan of a sump pump is about ten years or so. If you know your sump pump is almost ten years old or older, it’s a great idea to start researching how to replace it before the next big storm. You may notice that your pump isn’t “kicking on” like its supposed to and may even notice water entering the basement. If that is the case, it’s time to install a new pump ASAP.

In addition to replacing and repairing, having a backup system in place can save you money and heartache when your pump fails you. Since storms cause flooding, and flooding can cause power outages, unless you have a backup system in place, basement flooding should be a concern. Generally speaking, you have two backup options, the first of which is a battery backup. Battery backups are rechargeable battery packs that keep your pump running when the electric is out. Many newer models come with battery back ups already built into their system. Another option would be a secondary battery powered pump. In the event of electrical outages or when your primary pump breaks, this little guy will kick in and save the day.

So are you ready for an upgrade? Although it may be tempting to try to replace your sump pump yourself, hiring an experienced professional from Basement Waterproofing Tech will ensure you get the best pump for your home and quality service. We’ll also identify any damage to surrounding components like pit liners and electrical wiring. Contact us today for a quote!