Can a Basement Leak if There Are No Cracks?

basement cracks

Did you come home from work to a wet basement? After cleaning up the mess and moving your valuable items off the floor, your initial instinct is probably to check for cracks. And you are right, foundation cracks are one of the major reasons your basement may leak. But what if you checked the walls and the floor and there are no cracks to be found? Here are a few ideas on where the water could be coming from, based on our experience as a Baltimore basement waterproofing companyRead More...

Foundation Damage And Your Leaky Basement


Your home’s foundation is a crucial part of your home. Not only does it hold your entire house, but it also creates a barrier between your basement and the ground and water outside of it. If anything were to go wrong with your foundation, you’d likely have water leaking into your newly finished basement or damaging items in your storage. Keep in mind that your foundation walls are likely made of concrete, which is a tough, yet porous material. Foundation cracks are a question of “when” rather than “if” and require your immediate attention. Our Maryland basement waterproofing experts are here today to help you identify and address foundation damage before it leads to a flooded basement. Read More...