The Danger of Moisture in Crawlspaces

If your home was built over a crawlspace, one common problem you may experience is moisture inside the crawlspace. Moisture enters crawlspaces for a variety of reasons, from runoff to clogged gutters. When moisture infiltrates, it can lead to many problems such as mold and structural damage. However, Basement Waterproofing Tech can help. Read on to learn more about the dangers of moisture in crawlspaces and what you should do if there is a problem.

How Moisture Gets in Crawlspaces

How exactly does moisture get into crawlspaces? One way is from downspouts, which collect rainwater that comes off of your roof and direct the water away from your home’s foundation. If downspouts become damaged or clogged, water may leak into the foundation. Your downspouts may also have splash blocks, which collect water and send it into the yard; if these get moved out of place, the same issue can occur.

If the gutters on your home get clogged (or if you don’t have any), water can also be sent straight down the side of your house and into your foundation. Finally, when it rains, runoff can send water into your foundation if you have a driveway, sidewalk, lawn, or raised tree roots that are angled toward your house.

Problems Moisture Causes

Moisture in your crawlspace can cause a few problems. First and foremost, mold and bacteria can grow on the wooden structural components of your crawl space. White mold is generally just surface mold, but it still indicates humidity in the crawl space. Black or brown mold is rot fungus, and this causes structural damage to your crawl space. Similarly, wood rot occurs when the moisture content is higher and water actually makes contact with the wood. In addition to the structural problems that wood rot causes, bugs such as termites can infest moist wood. Finally, animal infestations can also occur in moist crawlspaces.

How Basement Waterproofing Tech Can Help

If your crawlspace has moisture in it, Basement Waterproofing Tech can help. First, we will inspect your crawl space to find the source of the moisture. After discussing the problem and potential solutions with you, we will remove structural rot as well as hazardous material and other debris. Then, we will repair the source of the moisture and apply paint, sealant, or a mold spray if necessary. Contact Basement Waterproofing Tech today to eliminate moisture from your crawlspace and prevent your home from incurring serious structural damage.