3 Reasons Waterproofing Paint Won’t Fix Your Damp Basement

Nobody likes a damp basement, and people are willing to go to great lengths to avoid and fix them. Out of all the techniques available for fixing this common problem, waterproofing paint may be one of the least effective ideas. Unfortunately, this “fix” can end up causing more damage than it could ever solve.

waterproofing paint isn't as good as hiring a waterproofing professional

Reason #1 – It is a bandage more than a solution.

Coating the interior walls of your basement in order to “fix” leaks is like putting duct tape over a hole in the bottom of a boat – it may temporarily keep water out, but it certainly won’t fix the problem for good. Waterproofing paint will trap water inside of your walls for a short period of time, and you can guarantee that once water volume and pressure build up, the water will break through the wall, rendering the paint useless. A lot of waterproofing paints even warn on their labels that the paint should not be used on wet walls – most of the time, the walls are wet to begin with and were what caused your concern in the first place!

Reason #2 – The concern is what’s happening inside your walls, not outside.

Acidic water inside your walls reacts with the lime that is in your concrete and mortar foundation and breaks down the glue that is holding your concrete together. Water gets trapped and eats away at foundation walls from the center core. Trapping that water only delays the catastrophic moment when water breaks through the wall. This can cause more extensive damage and lead to having to completely replace the basement wall.

Reason #3 – At best, it only affects the way your basement looks and feels.

Just because you change the outward appearance of your basement walls, doesn’t mean the problem is solved. Waterproofing paint may make your walls look dry and make your basement feel less humid and damp, but it is never a permanent fix for wetness in your home. Sealing interior walls with this paint does help to stop moisture from entering your basement and evaporating into the air, but it will not prevent water from entering your walls from the outside – which is the problem you should be aiming to fix! That moisture may eventually cause your wall paint to bubble and peel, creating yet another problem that waterproofing paint can’t permanently fix.

Leaks in your basement should be attacked at the source, and making temporary “fixes” is sure to lead to even greater damage than you started with. There are many options available for effective basement waterproofing, and it is very clear that waterproofing paint is one strategy that should be avoided at all costs.

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