What is Parging?


Have you ever had seepage affect the walls of your house? Or had a flooded basement? Well, if you are one of the many who are going through it, you would surely know how much it affects the aesthetics of the house, let alone its safety.

This is easily one of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner. Not only does it cause immense damage to the house, but also leads to potential mold. These floods and mold are often a result of unsealed cracks and untreated basements.

While there are several ways to fix that, one of the most commonly opted for remedy for these issues is parging.


When we refer to parging, we are referring to a coating that creates a barrier and ensures that no more water enters into the house.

Parging can also be used for sealing cracks in the walls and stopping water from entering the home or basement.

Types of Parging

There are two main types of parging you probably didn’t know about. The first is cement parging while the second one is acrylic parging. The former—cement parging—is quite easy to handle. The latter—acrylic coating—is fairly better in terms of quality. It is also available in a variety of colors.

The aesthetic appeals and the practicality of the acrylic coating also make it a bit more expensive. However, it certainly is a better choice due to its characteristics.

Advantages of Parging

There are a lot of different advantages linked to the use of parge. Some major benefits of parging are as follows.

  • Applying parge on cracks is easily among the best ways to seal wall-cracks. It helps in fixing these cracks and makes your place even safer.
  • You have the option to paint the parged surface. This means that you are not bound by limited colors. You can paint the amended surface as per your preference.
  • In addition to water leaking holes, it also allows you to seal bug holes often found in walls.

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