When is Maryland’s Peak Flooding Season?

maryland flood season

The U.S. state of Maryland has experienced numerous hurricanes in the past few decades. As a result, people have become diligent in taking precautionary measures for the flooding seasons.

These storms and floods could be deadly along with being a cause of immense distraction and disturbance in the state, hindering the regular course of life. The weather reports and lists show a strong inclination of the state being prone to these troublesome weather shifts and water bodies gushing forth causing floods and hurricanes.

As the misty winds of August soon evacuate the region, there is a rise in the chances of floods occurring during September and October— now the peek flooding season in Maryland, based on historical data. So what should you do to prepare for the flood season? Here are some pointers.

How to Prepare for the Flood Season in your House

Flood season has a deep impact on households. Apart from the flooding season being a prime concern for the safety of both life and property, it is also a concern pertaining to the maintenance and wellbeing of a home’s structure.

Some of the major tips to keep your house and yourself well kept are:

  • Keep a check on the warning signs and news updates especially during the peak flood season.
  • Keep an emergency kit always present.
  • Keep a good stock of empty sandbags to be used to cover the basement area in case of a gushing flood.
  • Avoid contact with contaminated water at all costs.
  • Do not swim through or walk in the flood water, for it might contain damaged electric wires and other harmful objects which could be hard to see underneath the water.
  • Keep a check on windows, doors etc and also ensure your basement is safe and waterproof.
  • Keep essential documents and electronic gadgets in safe reach.

What Happens To Your Basement?

The basement is the most prone area of a house to flood with water. And who likes a stinky and wet basement, which can also lead to further issues related to the house’s maintenance?

The best course of action is to prevent the disruption caused in this area of your house to avoid any major problems later. A wet basement, when left for long periods of time also becomes a home for disease and can trigger asthma and other respiratory issues especially for those allergic.

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