Why Does my Basement Flood When it Rains?

Have you ever noticed water pooling or seeping into your basement during or after a rainstorm? Chances are that your home is in need of some repairs in order to keep your lower level from flooding. Let’s explore the reasons why your basement floods when it rains, and some helpful tips for preventing this!

Believe it or not, rain isn’t the only weather occurrence that can cause flooding and water damage in a basement. Snow that melts rapidly in the spring can cause basement floods, and water can seep into your basement during dry weather if a nearby sewer has a backup.

Why Does my Basement Flood When it Rains?

When the ground is too saturated, it needs to find something to do with the excess water that pools on top of it. Gravity ensures that water flows from high places to low places, so placement of your home on the land surrounding it is significant when it comes to susceptibility to water damage.

Why your basement floods:

  • High levels of groundwater (water that is located naturally below the ground’s surface).
  • High levels of water in nearby storm or sanitary sewers that are above the level of your basement floor.
  • Piping issues. If your pipes are old or faulty, they can allow water to seep into the lower levels of your home.
  • Poor land sloping. If your yard slopes towards your home/basement, water will naturally flow towards the house causing its entrance into your home.
  • Faulty foundation. If the foundation of your home has cracks and other damage, it can be an easy pathway for water to enter your basement.
  • Window wells aren’t properly sealed. If you have windows in your basement, water may be entering your home through breaks in the windows sealant.

If you were able to pinpoint the reason your basement is flooding from the list above, you can begin to take steps to prevent further water damage in your home:

  • Have your pipes checked regularly and fix any cracks or leaks. Replace old, rusty piping with new material.
  • Grade your land to ensure water moves away from your home instead of towards it.
  • Install French drains in your yard to help move water in a different direction.
  • Seal cracks in basement foundation.
  • Install window well covers to windows in your basement and seal the windows correctly.

Your best bet for ensuring your basement is no longer prone to water damage and flooding is to call a basement waterproofing company. The professionals at Basement Waterproofing Tech are standing by with successful solutions to all of your basement flooding issues. Contact us today!