Why You Need a Battery Back-Up for Your Sump Pump

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Sump pumps are pumps used to remove accumulated water from your home to prevent flooding. The sump pump in your home most likely gets its power electrically and resides on the lowermost level of the house. Although basic sump pumps are successful in what they were intended to do, they sometimes lack the ability to fully protect your home from flooding. Having a back-up system that is battery powered is one of the best things you can do to prevent flooding and ensure your sump pump(s) function at their highest efficiency. Here are some benefits to the battery back-up:

Works During Power Outages

A circuit breaker can trip, a fuse can blow, or a power outage can occur at any time without warning. If your only sump pump is powered by electricity, the pump will no longer work until power is restored. This can be made exponentially worse when a power outage is due to a storm, especially one that brings a lot of rainwater. No electricity to your sump pump and the quick onset of excess water can almost always guarantee a flood in your home. A battery back-up system will still run in the event of a power outage and will continue sending water away from your home as normal.

Works With OR Independently Of Primary Pump

The battery back-up sump pump system is installed right next to your primary pump. If your primary pump fails due to age or other malfunction, the battery back-up pump is it’s own system that can take over and serve as your new primary sump pump. It is equipped with its own switch so that when water rises, the battery back-up sump pump activates on its own. It can also work alongside your primary pump in cases of strong storms where excess water enters the basin by providing extra pumping capacity to fully prevent flooding.

Has Many Unique Features

These back-up systems do much more than assist your primary pump in preventing flooding to your home. Many also monitor their battery status and alert you when it is time to replace the battery. They can also perform self-tests to ensure the back-up system is working properly. Automatically running itself from time to time additionally helps break off scale buildup from water that the pump sits in when it is not running. These systems can also come equipped with alarms that alert the homeowner at any sign of trouble, even when the back-up pump becomes activated.

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